The first time I heard the expression “beastin'” was in preparation for my first year of teaching high school. “Know the slang,” one of the advisers in my program insisted. “Learn it, love it.”

I didn’t hear it applied to me by students until my 2nd year of teaching, after I had started to figure out what the hell I was doing instead of going in every morning just hoping no one lit anything on fire. 2nd year me had not come to play. & I remember so distinctly that morning, as I circulated the room checking my students’ writing journals, that one of my 9th grade boys shook his head and sighed: “Miss, you beastin’ on this journal tip.”

I felt like such a boss.

It’s still funny to me, about 10 years later, that while my students have moved on & left this word behind as all hip young cats will, the concept of beastin’ is alive & well in the world of fitness & strength training.

& as ever, I love it:

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